• Celestial Spheres

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Patch List

01 – Andromeda
02 – Discovery
03 – EmoPiano
04 – Exolab
05 – Frozen Comet
06 – Lyra
07 – Mars Winds
08 – Orion’s Horn
09 – Planet XA
10 – Red Giant
11 – Saturn Rings
12 – Staccatron
13 – Stellaris
14 – Terminated
15 – Tokyo 2049
16 – Viellotron

Celestial Spheres is a selection of ambient-oriented sounds passionately crafted by French composer Vivien Lalu. Having previously worked for television, film (Warner Bros, Universal, France 2 etc.) and a few video games (Ubisoft, Neko Entertainment etc.), Lalu envisioned his sound collection to enrich a wide variety of musical creations with a particularly strong focus on cinematic storytelling, in order to provide inspiration for film composers, and hobbyists alike. Lalu’s soundtracks usually combine several layers of orchestral music, ambient keyboards, and even the occasional “rock” instruments. This diversity can be heard throughout his sound library as well, whose patches come ready to use on productions of any type, any genre. Be it movie soundtracks, game soundtracks, live electronic music etc. It doesn’t matter. We all have stories to tell. Each of these sounds are waiting to tell one!

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Producer’s Notes

  • 01 - Andromeda:
    “Named after the nearest major galaxy to our Milky Way. Use mono on DIGITAL PART 01 in case of arpeggio use.”
  • 02 - Discovery:
    “Welcome aboard! You are now floating in space. After playing a note, try 5 semitones lower. This sound works well in high octaves arpeggios, even though not created with arpeggio use in mind.”
  • 03 - EmoPiano:
    “A remake of my old Roland XP-80 signature sound. This patch was made primarily to play harmonies in octaves. If you want to use it more as an ambient piano, try 70 cutoff and 40 resonance on all DIGITAL PARTS. You can also mute DIGITAL PART 4 to remove the higher-octave piano.”
  • 04 - Exolab:
    “This is a variant of my EmoPiano sound, made for arpeggio use only. Activate DIGITAL PART 04 for a retro / 80’s vibe. You’re now ready to study advanced forms of life from distant worlds!”
  • 05 - Frozen Comet:
    “More than a snowball frozen in time, the Frozen Comet is now also a music instrument. A nice variant to try for yourself: set TFX1 to 05 (Bit Crush) with a CONTROL around 30-40.”
  • 06 - Lyra:
    “Named after the small constellation, it is in fact a harp patch. If you want to make it sound less like such, try an attack of 11, a cutoff of 78, and a resonance of 16 on all DIGITAL PARTS for a really nice ambient sound.”
  • 07 - Mars Winds:
    “Close your eyes – you’re on Mars! And it’s pretty windy tonight. Play a bunch of slow thirds. If you want to remove the wind effect, just mute ANALOG PARTS 1 to 3.”
  • 08 - Orion’s Horn:
    “Synth horn sound, evocating lost visions from the “shoulder of Orion”. Not made for arpeggios, but if you really want to play some, then activate ANALOG PART 01.”
  • 09 - Planet XA:
    “Sound of a green planet featuring a hundred million km2 jungle. Try all kinds of odd, and fast arpeggios with this one! Works perfect with Drum and Bass grooves.”
  • 10 - Red Giant:
    “Sound radiating from a dying star. Hold a low note while temporarily holding the same note, octaves higher. Play around to find all the working combinations.”
  • 11 - Saturn Rings:
    “The beauty and mystery of Saturn’s rings lie within this sound. For a softer, pad-like sound, reduce cutoff around 60 for all DIGITAL PARTS, and try different effects. Set TFX1 to 26 (RadioTuning) for example.”
  • 12 - Staccatron:
    “I needed staccato strings for demoing this library. I did not want to use sounds external to the JD-XA, but I would not make it 100% orchestral neither, since it wasn’t the goal of this collection. Some melodic phrases work well doubled with my Lyra patch. Hope you enjoy it!”
  • 13 - Stellaris:
    “Short pad singing the beauty of uncharted space exploration. Playing low octaves will set the tone for cosmic intrigue. To use it more like an ambient pad, max DECAY up everywhere, and set the CUTOFF to 60 for DIGITAL PARTS 1 to 3 only, and between 80 and 90 for DIGITAL PART 4.”
  • 14 - Terminated:
    “The world has been devastated by rogue machines. But not everything has been blown to bits. JD-XA is still working. Don’t forget to try this split patch before to go back in time, and change the course of Earth’s history!”
  • 15 - Tokyo 2049:
    “Another split patch. Far from a future destroyed by robots, you are now relaxing in a 2049 Japanese garden, surrounded by visionary architecture. Play some dreamy chords with your left hand, and slow notes with the right one. #zen”
  • 16 - Viellotron:
    “This is my re-creation of the legendary Mellotron sound, on JD-XA. This should feel like a nice 70’s Sunday afternoon spent listening to progressive rock vinyls. For a more realistic performance: disable reverb, and make sure to record in mono.”

“Thank you for taking this voyage with me!”

Vivien Lalu

PS: Below is a beautiful user-made demo which can be found on YouTube,

Thanks to Imaginary Audience for the amazing showcase of my sound collection!

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